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zaterdag 30 december 2017

Vacature Beleidsadviseur Arbeid, Organisatie en Gezondheid

Beleidsadviseur Arbeid, Organisatie en Gezondheid
De UT is een organisatie die volop in beweging en daarmee aan verandering onderhevig is. Dit raakt aan mensen, samenwerking en gedrag. De beleidsadviseur arbeid organisatie en gezondheid houdt zich bezig met mensen in relatie tot werk. Jouw taken Je ontwikkelt visie en beleid op het gebied van Arbeid, Organisatie en Gezondheid, met groeiende nadruk op preventie. Je ontwikkelt hiertoe partnerships op dit gebied, binnen de UT en daarbuiten. Je bent sparringpartner van HR advies en het management inzake vraagstukken op gebied van arbeid, organisatie en gezondheid en ook op gebied van preventie van verzuim en re-integratie. Je werkt goed samen met collega's op recruitment, organisatieadvies en talentmanagement bij de ontwikkeling van integraal beleid. Je geeft vanuit organisatie(des)kundig perspectief vorm en inhoud aan welzijn en psychosociale arbeidsbelasting, onder meer door uitvoering van (medewerker)onderzoek. Je initieert, regisseert en realiseert samen met faculteiten en diensten...
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Vacature Powerhouse candidate wanted for PDEng project at ASPARi: Integrating new sensor technologies in asphalt pavi...

Powerhouse candidate wanted for PDEng project at ASPARi: Integrating new sensor technologies in asphalt paving and compaction for better process control.
Would you like to contribute to crafting and developing better roads in the Netherlands that will be more durable? Are you passionate about high-end technological design? Then, this Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng) programme may be for you. The PDEng is a 2-year post Master Degree technological designers programme. This programme at the University of Twente contains an educational part and a design project. For the project, You work at ASPARi network companies. The educational programme will have an in-depth character with ample attention for professional development and will be partly tailored to the design project. Together with external organisation, you will develop a high-level and creative solution for the given problem. THE CHALLENGE The asphalt construction process is still mainly carried out without sufficient instruments to monitor the process parameters, and little research effort has been put into the mapping and analysis of construction processes. The...
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Vacature Assistant Professor Human Centred Design & Co-design

Assistant Professor Human Centred Design & Co-design
Research: We expect you to work as an independent researcher and identify the academic questions in practical applications related to Human Centered Design, Participatory Design, Co-Design and Scenario Based Design. You are able to bridge between academic research results and practice of healthcare, automotive, resilience societies or other fields that are relevant to the key themes of the University and publish research results in high quality international refereed journals. You also have a positive attitude towards building networks and attracting external funding (national science foundation, EU, government and industry) for junior researchers (PhD and PDEng positions), of whom you will become the daily supervisor. Teaching: As assistant professor you will contribute to Human Centered Design Courses in our Bachelor and Master program in Industrial Design Engineering. Also, you will supervise BSc- and MSc-thesis projects. The total teaching load will be about 50%. If you are not...
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Vacature PhD position - Computational Microscopy and Complex Wavefront Shaping

PhD position - Computational Microscopy and Complex Wavefront Shaping
We are developing radically new approaches to microscopy. Our aim is to obtain sharp images of structures deep inside the brain or far under the skin. Such materials are non-homogeneous and scatter light randomly, so that usually all image information is fully scrambled. Complex wavefront shaping At the University of Twente, we pioneered a technique called 'complex wavefront shaping' that allows one to numerically invert the scattering matrix of a specific sample and construct a highly structured wave that focuses right through a given object. The biggest challenge is that in most cases the scattering matrix of the sample cannot be measured directly, making it highly non-trivial to find the matching wavefront. We will approach this challenge with a multi-disciplinary approach, combining aspects from computer sciences, mathematics and physics. Our team Our multidisciplinary team consists of physicists, electrical and biomedical engineers, and biologists. As pioneers of the field, we...
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Vacature Amanuensis

Het cluster Membrane Science and Technology (MST) van de Universiteit Twente doet onderzoek naar de synthese, ontwikkeling, bereiding, karakterisering en toepassing van membranen voor applicaties op het gebied van water, energie en life sciences. Het onderzoek heeft een sterk experimenteel, chemisch-technologisch karakter en combineert een sterke materiaalkundige benadering met technologische aspecten. Naast het fundamentele academische onderzoek, wordt er onderzoek gedaan voor en in zeer nauwe samenwerking met industriële partijen. Het cluster heeft ongeveer 60 medewerkers en maakt deel uit van het nanotechnologie onderzoeksinstituut MESA+. Tot uw taken behoren: Het bieden van ondersteuning ten behoeve van het onderzoek door het doen van bestellingen van materialen, chemicaliën en gassen; De nazorg van de bestellingen door te zorgen voor ontvangst en distributie, of traceren en opvolgen van achterstallige bestellingen; Zorgdragen voor de aansluiting van gasflessen; Voorraadbeheer,...
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Vacature PhD candidate m/f: Injectable microgels for cartilage repair.

PhD candidate m/f: Injectable microgels for cartilage repair.
This vacancy is on a project that is funded by the Dutch Arthritis Foundation. The position is available immediately. In this project you will study the formation of chondrogenic stem cell organoids within hollow micrometer sized hydrogels that will be produced using microfluidic droplet generators. This approach represents a next-generation minimally invasive injection therapy for patients with cartilage defects. The MIRA Institute of the University of Twente is a widely recognized for its excellence in development of new biomedical technology and advanced biomanufacturing. Biofabrication technology yields living constructs with complex architectures that can be used as in vitro models for research and screening, as well as for implantation in vivo as novel therapies. Our Department, has a strong history in the development of minimally invasive, injectable biomaterials to treat cartilage defects. More recently, we have developed several revolutionary microfluidic microdevices that...
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Vacature Onderwijsassistent/leerkracht basisonderwijs

Onderwijsassistent/leerkracht basisonderwijs
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