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zaterdag 19 januari 2019

Vacature Assistant Professor in characterisation and monitoring of subsurface processes and/or structure

Assistant Professor in characterisation and monitoring of subsurface processes and/or structure
We are seeking an individual to complement our existing strengths in natural hazards (seismology, earthquake hazard, landslides and hydro-meteorological hazards, remote sensing) and/or exploration for Earth resources (airborne geophysics, geothermal exploration). We particularly encourage applicants with research interests related to one or more of the following topics to apply: imaging and monitoring of dynamic subsurface processes, subsurface structure characterisation, Earth surface dynamics, exploration geophysics, and engineering geology. You also have to: Contribute to the educational programme(s) offered by the department Develop own research in the field of 4D characterisation of subsurface processes and/or structure with a link to either resource exploration or natural hazards, and supervise MSc and PhD students Attract external funding and contribute to projects in the department.
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Assistant Professor in geological resource exploration
The Geological Remote Sensing group of the Department of Earth Systems Analysis studies the natural environment with optical and thermal infrared spectroscopy, hyperspectral remote sensing and geophysics to understand Earth processes in space and time. Major lines of research include expert systems for surface compositional mapping, quantification of rock samples and Earth surface characteristics, and validation of remote sensing results with laboratory and field measurements. The group would like to further enhance the validation of remote sensing methods with laboratory and ground data and continue the development of remote sensing approaches to solve Earth science problems and to support demands from industry. Also supporting the Natural Hazards group of the department with, for example, surface characteristics on soils and soil conditions is a possible line of development. You have to: Contribute to the 2-year "Applied Remote Sensing" master specialization of the faculty...
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Assistant Professor in Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
Teaching Courses taught by the department of MS3 are pillars in the BSc and MSc programs in Mechanical Engineering at the faculty of Engineering Technology of the University of Twente, as well as of a BSc program being setup in collaboration with the Vrije Universiteit Am­ster­dam (VU). You will support the educational responsibilities of the department of MS3. At the beginning of the appointment there will be strong emphasis on educational tasks within the newly developed BSc Mechanical Engineering program in co-operation with the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU). This comprises predominantly organizing and teaching of relevant courses on Mechanics and Optomechanics in the Bachelor phase, although contributions in the Master phase, such as Optics, will be welcome as well. Furthermore, other teaching activities are required such as guest lectures, tutoring and helping out in examinations of student projects. Research The MS3 department covers a broad research portfolio where...
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