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dinsdag 15 januari 2019

Vacature PhD position: Rheology, Flow, Phase-separation and Leakage of Lubricating Grease from Rolling Bearings

PhD position: Rheology, Flow, Phase-separation and Leakage of Lubricating Grease from Rolling Bearings
The Chair Tribology-Based Maintenance, Faculty of Engineering Technology of the University of Twente has an opening for a PhD candidate in the research area of Grease Lubrication. This project operates at the interface of fluid dynamics, rheology, complex fluids and tribology. The expected outcome of this 4-year project will be a model that can predict the (very slow) leakage of base-oil and thickener from rolling bearings. This requires a thorough understanding of the flow and rheology, phase separation and degradation of lubricating greases in rolling bearings. The project is executed in close collaboration with SKF, a leading global bearing manufacturer. THE CHALLENGE Lubricating grease is a visco-elastic material, consisting of a thickener matrix (usually a soap, 5-15%), base oil (mineral or synthetic) and additives (anti-corrosion, anti-wear, 1-5%). At small strains, lubricating grease is apparently solid. This quantity makes grease easy to use: it does not easily leak out of a...
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Promovendus (fulltime) voor het project "Student driven learning: De student aan het roer"
Je houdt je bezig met onderzoek naar het verbeteren van het onderwijs door middel van student driven learning (SDL) in het algemeen en onderwijsvormen, zoals team-based learning, peer-instruction en formatief toetsen, specifiek. Je start met een literatuurstudie naar SDL en een inventarisatie van SDL in het UT onderwijs. Ook richt deze inventarisatie zich op de kenmerken en succesfactoren van SDL. Op basis van de literatuurstudie en inventarisatie zal een interventie uitgewerkt worden die vervolgens in een aantal onderwijsmodules zal worden geïmplementeerd. Eerst zal met behulp van een pilot onderzocht worden op welke punten de interventie eventueel verbeterd kan worden (volgens de principes van design-based research) en op welke manier het professionaliseringsproces van docenten het best ingericht kan worden. Vervolgens zal de interventie verder uitgerold worden en zal onderzocht worden welk effect de interventie heeft op de professionele ontwikkeling van docenten en ervaringen met...
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Postdoc position on model driven systems integration
The prime objective for this project is building a web-based integration platform for rail-ways. You have the opportunity to participate in leadership and engaged with integration of the outcomes of four PhD research projects dealing with socio-technical pillars of engineered systems. You will contribute to address one of the essential societal challenges for integration of new technologies with the operating transportation platforms. The project requires a web-based platform which is able to properly store, effectively share, and optimally use the available knowledge for decision-making purposes. Your task primarily aims to design and construct the platform and to co-engineer integration in early project lifecycle for achieving optimal system performances. With the support of industrial partners, you deal with real challenges in the complex, dynamic, and multi partner environment of the rail sector, and you will be able to continuously test the model in the industrial context and...
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