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dinsdag 12 februari 2019

Vacature PDEng Kic assessing infra monitoring systems

PDEng Kic assessing infra monitoring systems
How can we assess & secure the smartness of monitoring systems of our infrastructures? Maintenance has always been an indivisible part of infrastructures (such as bridges, roads, canals, etc.). Nevertheless, this has become more of an issue over the past decade. Shrinking budgets - in the wake of the credit crunch - rendered infrastructure owners (IOs) to become more selective/conscious/cautious in their maintenance undertakings. Therefore, the IOs have started to take inventory of their assets with the intention to better assess the condition of assets. They started to build extensive databases to make better-informed maintenance decisions. Limited budgets pushed the development of Risk-Oriented Asset Management approaches. Key in the risk assessment is the prediction of the remaining life span of the assets. Such predictions require data about the assets' condition and behavior. As a result, several structural health monitoring initiatives have emerged. These initiatives are...
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PhD position on Optoelectronic Multi-Parameter Flow Sensing
Microelectromechanical (MEMS) sensors are widely used for real-time inline measurement of fluid-mechanical parameters such as flow speed, viscosity, and density. Optical sensors are particularly suited for label free sensing of chemical composition and particle size distribution (PSD) in the 0.1-10 micron range. The goal of this project, which is in cooperation with TUD, is the integration of optical and MEMS-based sensors to open up new opportunities for flow quantification. Moreover, full control over wavelength, amplitude, phase, and polarization provides the opportunity to improve the accuracy and expand the application of optical sensors. The scientific challenge is to determine the relation between the fluid-mechanical and optical parameters and combine them in a single multi-parameter flow measurement system. Multiple MEMS-based flow sensors such as thermal, Coriolis, and pressure sensors have been integrated in a single device and fluidmechanical parameters such as heat...
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PostDoc (2 years) working on me4tes project
There is a growing need for flexibility for the use of local and/or sustainable energy sources, which is caused by the natural fluctuations in the supply of these forms of energy. The combination of sustainable energy systems and compact thermal storage leads to more efficient use of sustainable energy and a reduction of the required energy from the electricity grid. Especially the use of thermochemical materials (TCMs), which is an intrinsically loss-free and compact means of thermal energy storage, can effectively couple the supply and demand. Optimized heat and mass transfer characteristics benefit storage capacity and charge/discharge power. The aim of ME4TES is to understand the structure-property relationships of heat and mass transfer, and provide design criteria for optimally functioning TCMs inside a component of the thermal battery. ME4TES will yield a validated model that accurately describes the behavior of TCMs at various length scales, namely at the level of TCM...
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