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zaterdag 2 februari 2019

Vacature PhD position in the area of telepresence

PhD position in the area of telepresence
Robotics is a booming field of research, with the potential to transform our society. The interaction between users and remote environments is often restricted to vision and audition, also in a telepresence approach. Adding the sense of touch to this interaction is a young and promising field, and offers an exciting, radically different approach to increase the sense of presence and performance of the operator through haptic and tactile feedback and tapping into neurocognitive mechanisms of for instance body ownership. Our ambition is to expand our knowledge in this field and get grip on the boundary conditions of touch, telepresence, embodiment, and body ownership on teleoperation. You will be embedded in a research group with a long track record in virtual agents and human robot interaction. This project is carried out in cooperation with the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) and includes regular presence at the joint i-Botics laboratories in Enschede...
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PhD position: Laser Implantation Surface Texturing (LITex) �C Fundamentals and applications of a new laser�\based additive manufacturing process
The Chair of Laser Processing in the Faculty of Engineering Technology of the University of Twente (The Netherlands) has an opening for a PhD candidate in the research area of laser-based manufacturing. A growing economic and social demand for reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing, while improving product integrity and downstream operations, demands outstanding process & product surface control. Currently, the surface finish of rolled products such as in steel production, serving a wide range of market sectors (e.g. automotive, packaging, energy and construction) is achieved by roughness transfer from temper mill rolls textured by methods developed more than 3 decades ago. Such methods also often require or rely on the use of (post�\treatment) Chrome�\plating to negate roll wear and improve product consistency. A step�\change in roll texturing technologies is therefore required to enable functional surface design of innovative products, reduce material losses in...
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PhD project Comprehensive monitoring and prediction of seismicity
The PhD candidate will be employed at the chair Stochastic Operations Research at the University of Twente (see in the project 'Comprehensive monitoring and prediction of seismicity within the Groningen gas field using large scale field observations', which is embedded in the national research programme DeepNL funded by the Dutch Research Council. The induced seismicity of the Groningen gas field can only be understood through the relation between gas extraction and subsurface response. To understand the dynamics of the system new approaches are required that are based on observational data. In the project, we will monitor the seismicity and determine stress changes, reservoir compaction and deformation of the overlying layers from seismic data. Advanced tools based on machine learning, model order reduction and supercomputing will be developed to model the recorded seismograms and to detect subsurface variations. Changes in earthquake risk due to changes...
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