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zaterdag 2 februari 2019

Vacature Post Doc Assessment of Australia's buried pipeline intrusion avoidance solutions

Post Doc Assessment of Australia's buried pipeline intrusion avoidance solutions
Do you want to contribute to the safety of high-pressure pipelines, and are you passionate about construction management, and (safety) systems engineering? Then, this post-doctoral research position may be very suited to you. Interested? Why don't you apply for this joint project on damage avoidance to high-pressure pipelines? The challenge Just like any other country, Australia suffers from the threat that their pipelines get damaged, and cause major incidents. To avoid this, they've recently set up a large-scale collaborative research programme (Future Fuels CRC). We collaborate with the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) as part of this programme, and investigate the solutions that prevent damage to their buried infrastructure. Pipeline sectors have a zero tolerance policy against strikes and mobilize various engineering solutions to avoid them (e.g. thick pipe walls, safety sheets, pipeline detection, and real-time monitoring). We want to know how effective these...
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Postdoc position ( 2 years) on simulation of compression molding of discontinuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic flakes
The ThermoPlastic composites Research Center (TPRC) and University of Twente are looking for a postdoctoral researcher on the topic of compression molding of chopped unidirectional fiber reinforced thermoplastic flakes. Project description The projects concerns the compression molding of chopped unidirectional fiber reinforced flakes, which is a manufacturing process that is very suitable for a broad range of automotive and aero structural parts. Compression molding of discontinuous fiber reinforced thermoplastics combines short processing times with good mechanical performance of produced parts. Moreover, it allows for a large degree of freedom in terms of design. During the molding, the compound is subjected to flow due to redistribution in the mold and filling of details like ribs. The material flow affects the fiber orientation distribution in the part, which in turn influences the mechanical properties. Prediction of mold filling behavior and the resulting fiber orientation...
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Postdoc position "Deep Learning and MR imaging"
Your field of activities covers fundamental research in the integration of deep learning algorithms and MR imaging, but also covers the translation of this research towards clinical applications. You are particularly responsible for coordinating and conducting research in the area of data-driven design of quantitative, dynamic MR imaging principles. Clinical applications are in the field of dysphagia and speech pathology. As such, you work together with physicians and physicists of the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital (Netherlands Cancer Institute) and mathematicians, physicists, and engineers from the University of Twente. Additional tasks involve teaching at the master level of the Technical Medicine educational program.
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