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vrijdag 8 februari 2019

Vacature Postdoc Position - MRI guided irreversible electroporation

Postdoc Position - MRI guided irreversible electroporation
Minimal invasive Image-guided Interventions (MII) is emerging as a new discipline in medicine. To date, no single specialist area has the necessary competencies to deliver MII. These interventions are combined with sophisticated imaging technologies, primarily to perform minimally invasive surgery. MII can be characterized by the following key steps: target location, target verification (lesion volume), target destruction, treatment monitoring and verification. CT, X-ray and ultrasound imaging are the most commonly used modalities in interventional procedures, but these have major disadvantages: the ionizing X-rays are potentially dangerous for both patient and physician, and their contrast is limited to bone or iodine-containing contrast agents. Ultrasound hardly penetrates bone, is reflected at tissue-air interfaces and is operator dependent. Due to these limitations, magnetic resonance (MR) imaging can be used for MII as well the possibility to measure temperature differences...
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Postdoc position on Acoustic Metamaterials
Metamaterials exhibit functional properties that originate from their 3D architecture rather than their chemistry. In this project, we aim to explore the design and fabrication of acoustic metamaterials with exceptional sound-absorbing properties originated from a microstructure consisting of controlled building blocks. With a recently-developed technology for 3-dimensional printing of foams (not yet published), the pore size, interconnectivity, and the outer 3D-shape can be locally and independently controlled. Without any optimization and despite the random alignment of the unit cells, these foams already exhibit strong acoustic absorption properties at a highly relevant spectrum of ~400 Hz to 6 kHz. In view of our preliminary results, the goals of this project are: Design of 3D-printed shape of the foams, to realize metamaterials with exceptional absorbance or focusing properties. A rational design strategy will be required. Experiment with polymerizable materials to achieve...
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Postdoc position on Acoustic metamaterials for geomechanics: DEM modeling and optimization
We are seeking an enthusiastic postdoc with interests in geomechanics, acoustics, computer modelling to join University of Twente (Netherlands) and work on the optimization of acoustic metamaterials using DEM and Machine Learning. Seismic risk is one of the biggest challenges for civil engineers. Recent numerical/experiment work on wave propagation have shown that acoustic/elastic properties of soils can be modified by microstructure manipulation and microscopic inclusions. This project exploits this concept for a novel approach to seismic reduction, as an alternative to conventional structure/foundation intervention. The idea relies on the modification of the incoming seismic waves due to inclusion interference: by engineering the area neighboring the foundation, soils will be converted into active Soft Shields against seismic waves. The novel technique is based on the innovative concept of metamaterials applied for the first time to soil mechanics. The project will employ Discrete...
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