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dinsdag 19 februari 2019

Vacature Two Assistant Professors Geo-visualization

Two Assistant Professors Geo-visualization
You will conduct international high-quality research and contribute to developing the departmental research portfolio. You will teach Masters level coursework and supervise MSc theses in the various (joint) educational programmes the department is involved in, including the international MSc Cartography. You will also contribute to the development of new courses including face-to-face, blended learning, and distance learning, preferably based on open source solutions. You will play a leading role in our visualization and usability laboratories and will supervise PhD students in combination with a departmental professor. You will engage in the acquisition and implementation of consulting tasks for the department. You will also undertake management and administration tasks, such as coordination tasks in educational programmes. You will acquire and/or participate in new research, educational and capacity building projects.
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PhD position Haptic User Perception
The EU H2020 project WEAFING will develop innovative garments with integrated textile actuators, sensors, and electronics for haptic stimulation based on electroactive polymer threads. We will advance the technology of electroactive fabrics resulting in lightweight and flexible textile actuators. Integration of the actuators in wearables takes into account different textile morphologies, soft mechatronics, and human perception and information processing. The garments developed will have a high level of wearability as the actuator is the garment itself and the technology is silent. This technology provides mechanical stimulation (i.e. haptic stimuli) that are unprecedented by current haptic technology and may impact many aspects of our lives. WEAFING will explore several use cases like navigation for firefighters and visually impaired users and social communication at a distance (remote hug). As PhD student you will work closely together with other experts in the project and have a...
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PhD position: Single-Polymer Detection
Biosensors that rely solely on electrical detection are highly desirable for integration with electronics on the same chip, enabling new assays based on 'digital' detection. Instead of measuring the average response to a large number of molecules, digital sensors aim to detect individual molecular interactions as discrete, countable events at large numbers of parallel detectors, thus achieving extreme sensitivities. An important bottleneck, however, has been the lack of a suitable method for easily converting single-entity (bio)chemical information directly into electrical signals. Here we aim to tackle this challenge by utilizing inherently conductive polymers as 'electrical markers'. Solvated conducting polymers adopt a random-coil configuration that can bridge the gap between electrodes separated by a small (~10 nm) distance, effectively acting as nanoscale circuit breakers. When coupled to a recognition element such as a nucleic acid or an antibody, they can report on the making...
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