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dinsdag 16 april 2019

Vacature PDEng position: Context-realistic VR training simulators: Using sensed data to reconstruct actual road const...

PDEng position: Context-realistic VR training simulators: Using sensed data to reconstruct actual road construction operations in a VR training environment
Construction industry has a growing need for vocationally trained operators who not only possess traditional domain knowledge and skills, but are also able to oversee variation, uncertainty and risks in their daily jobs. Virtual Reality (VR) technology can bring realistic working situations to the classroom, helping students to experience the full complexity of work situations and train their situational awareness. However, often scenarios are not very realistic in terms of reflecting the dynamics of the actual construction site. In order to create realistic circumstances and scenarios that also reflect uncertainty, the aim of this project is to use sensed data (images or sensors) to reconstruct the actual construction operation in the VR environment. Based on the data collected from various types of operations, different virtual training scenarios will be developed. Tasks and objectives are the same across scenarios, but conditions will vary. The VR environment should also support...
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PhD positions in the Earth@lternatives project on sustainable land and water use for food and energy
Applications are invited for six PhD positions. The PhDs will jointly work on the ERC Advanced Grant project titled "Earth@lternatives", together with two new postdocs and staff from the Water Management group at the Faculty of Engineering Technology, under leadership of professor Arjen Hoekstra. Hoekstra's research group carries out interdisciplinary research on the interlinkages between water, land, food and energy systems.   ERC Advanced Grant. ERC Advanced Grants are Europe's most prestigious personal research grants, in an annual competition provided to a limited number of top-researchers with an ambitious research plan. The Earth@lternatives project plans to quantify and map the use of land and water resources for food and energy supply at global scale and unprecedented level of detail through a next-generation modelling approach.   The Earth@lternatives project. Humanity faces major challenges: stay below local and global ecological thresholds; increase natural resources use...
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Teacher of English
The UT Language Centre (UTLC) is part of the Centre for Educational Support (CES) and offers professional language courses and skills training to various groups within the University of Twente: academic and support staff, and students. We are a service and client oriented language centre in an international, innovative and technical environment. Currently, the UTLC is looking for a Teacher of English for Specific Purposes. The challenge teach English for specific purposes (ESP) to university staff and students develop new courses and workshops, also blended tutor in the Writing Centre work in an increasingly international environment
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