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woensdag 29 mei 2019

Vacature Assistant Professor Numerical modelling of multi-scale coastal aeolian processes

Assistant Professor Numerical modelling of multi-scale coastal aeolian processes
Urbanized sandy coastlines are vulnerable to natural forces of water and wind, and related sand transport. Beach-dune systems are first line defences against flooding, but also have an important socio-economic function, recreation and tourism, requiring them to stay natural. Increasing societal and environmental pressure on these coastlines demand innovative solutions protecting both natural and built environment, which our group seeks in nature based engineering approaches. The development and design of such innovative solutions require in depth understanding of the wind-driven dynamics of sandy flood defences, both natural and engineered, including the complex conditions created by changes in roughness from water to land, the high levels of turbulence and the size of turbulent structures. The interaction with the human built structures in itself will lead to even more complex airflow conditions for the dunes with induced smaller scale turbulent structures which all will affect sand...
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SPECTORS PostDoc Position at the Robotics and Mechatronics Lab of the University of Twente
We need an experienced PostDoc to lead the project SPECTOR. SPECTOR stands for "Sensor Products for Enterprises Creating Technological Opportunities in Remote Sensing" and is a four year long innovation program with 20 Dutch and German small-and-medium sized enterprises. The goal of the project is to exploit the market potential of civil drone technology through sensor innovations for remote sensing and remote monitoring. The project will end in about 2 years. One of the product groups of the SPECTORS project is the employment of drones for physical interaction with the environment. The main role of RAM is the technological development of an aerial robot capable of establishing a robust mechanical surface contact for remote inspection. The possibility to get in physical contact with the remote surface via a drone has an incredible market value and would drastically reduce costs and increase safety. One of the potential applications is contact-based...
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Event Support Assistant
CES SO&IR, Scholarship Office & International Relations, provides a vitally tactical and operational support role in the process of (creating growth in) mobility of students, by providing Exchange and Scholarship administration services to staff and students. CES SOIR maintains exchange contracts with partner institutes and (inhouse and external) scholarship programmes, builds diverse and inclusive new alliances, and creates growth regarding a diverse international community, aiming at giving students the opportunity to become global citizens.  Within the unit SO&IR we are looking for an  Event Support Assistant  You create online content for CES SOIR. You facilitate social media development for CES SOIR. You monitor and maintain (social media) information in regards supporting the International community (mainly Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) at the University of Twente. You manage budgets for several events (at the same time) in which CES SOIR is in the lead. You support and...
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