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donderdag 16 mei 2019

Vacature Postdoc Position - MRI guided irreversible electroporation

Postdoc Position - MRI guided irreversible electroporation
This project will cover image guided irreversible electroporation of cancerous tissue in an MRI environment. The implementation of tumor ablative techniques within the MRI environment will expand the range of its application field to the organs (e.g. prostate, pancreas or liver). An MRI-compatible robotic system needs to be developed to accurately steer the electroporation needles under MRI-guidance. The MRI environment poses a number of specific requirements such as high sensibility to external electromagnetic disturbances, strong magnetic and radiofrequency fields, relatively long scan times, limited access to the patient placed in the MRI scanner and the need of MR-compatible material.
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Postdoctoral Researcher in modelling the Earth crust with satellite gravity and seismology
Recent satellite missions have provided the scientific community with state-of-the-art gravity and gravity gradients observations. Moreover, a vast amount of high-quality seismological data from permanent and temporal networks are currently emerging. However, the full capabilities of these datasets have not been fully exploited yet. You will apply an innovative integration of satellite gravity (gradients and total field) with seismological modelling techniques. The main task is to improve the global Moho discontinuity map and to develop a methodology to image the density structure of the crust. In this work, global upper mantle velocity models will be tested to correct for upper mantle contribution to the gravity signal. The corrected signal will be then integrated with seismological surface wave and receiver function techniques in a joint inversion scheme to improve the Moho map globally. Finally, the developed inversion scheme will be used to make 3D high-resolution crustal models...
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PostDoc Hydrothermal carbonization and water recovery from anaerobic digestion.
We are looking for motivated and skilled PostDoc researcher working on hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) and technical design of the modular and transportable installation for the staged recovery of water and the production of biochar from digestion process. The work will be done within RECOWATDIG Project (Sustainable technology for the staged recovery of an agricultural water from high moisture fermentation products) founded by the Joint Programming Initiative "Water challenges for a changing world" (Water JPI). RECOWATDIG comprises an innovative, transdisciplinary approach, by enabling access to currently neglected water resources, i.e. water evaporated during drying of high moisture solid fermentation products. The project is realized in cooperation with industrial and academic partners from the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden. Activities performed at the University of Twente will serve the purpose of the determination of the parameters of HTC that will allow to maximize...
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