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vrijdag 14 juni 2019

Vacature Assistant Professor Change Management& Organizational Behaviour

Assistant Professor Change Management& Organizational Behaviour
The 'Change Management' & 'Organizational Behaviour' group of the BMS faculty aims to develop change leaders and let people excel by creating fresh, evidence-based organization-behavioural knowledge and insights via cutting-edge, high-tech research and education with a human touch. We teach both Business Administration domains within various BSc, MSc and Honours programmes. Our fundamental field research is, furthermore, made useful for those participating in it as well as practitioners around the globe. Members of our group also co-guide various in- and external PhD students in the Netherlands and elsewhere. Topics include: effective leadership and followership predictors; explanations for lean/agile/operationally excellent team effectiveness; human agency in (constantly) changing contexts, such as smart industry and healthcare; micro-behavioural repertoires of effective team meetings within organizations, work value-behaviour links, etc. See, also, to get a...
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Assistant/Associate Professor in Superconducting Materials and Applications
Within the faculty of Science and Technology (S&T), the cluster Energy, Materials and Systems (EMS) is looking for a highly motivated and enthusiastic Assistant/Associate Professor (f/m) in 'Superconducting Materials and Applications'. Energy, Materials and Systems (EMS) We seek to develop materials and conductors, key technologies, and superconducting systems for the transition to a more sustainable society. An important new field herein is superconductivity for energy applications, energy-efficient generation of high magnetic field for fundamental research, in the medical sector for diagnostics and treatment, and for a sustainable circular economy with cryogenic cooling always as the key enabling technology. The application-oriented research greatly benefits from EMS' unique infrastructure and its excellence in the field recognized worldwide. This is illustrated by its track record in international pioneering projects on energy technology related projects like thermal...
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Post Doctoral position: Thermoelectrics for energy recovery in aircrafts
Energy harvesting devices at minimum weight can significantly reduce fuel and CO2 emissions in many applications, like transport or industrial processes, contributing to the development of a more resilient and sustainable world. Thermoelectric materials can contribute as a renewable solution to this goal. We will develop a technology that will enable the aeronautical application of thermoelectric materials to convert thermal energy into electrical energy, establishing the foundations to export this technology to other sectors.   Figure 1. a) Schematic drawing of a thermoelectric module (n-type and p-type semiconductor pellets connected electrically in series and thermally in parallel) to harvest energy from temperature differences. b) Finite Element Modelling of a thermoelectric generator (TEG) made of bismuth telluride pellets. Objective We want to develop a proof of concept (PoC) showing that thermoelectric materials can convert 15-20% of the airplane's heat waste into...
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