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vrijdag 12 juli 2019

Vacature Assistant Professor Photogrammetry

Assistant Professor Photogrammetry
You initiate, carry out and participate in education, research, and consulting activities on the extraction of large scale geo-information from data of imaging sensors. The increasing availability of low-cost imaging sensors and sensor platforms creates abundant opportunities and challenges in photogrammetry. In research projects you will develop methods for efficient information extraction from large collections of images for applications in e.g. civil engineering, navigation, and industry. You are able to discuss and find solutions for information acquisition problems emerging within ITC's research and consulting projects and initiate contacts to develop multi-disciplinary research projects. You will teach, assist, and supervise MSc and PhD students, contribute to the development of educational modules and new blended learning packages at various levels of education and actively participate in joint educational programmes with ITC's partner institutes abroad. You may share...
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Tenure Track position "GeoHealth"
You initiate, carry out, and participate in research and consulting activities on geohealth. ITC emphasizes on research and consultancy in developing countries, where we have started a particular interest in the epidemiology of both contagious and non-contagious diseases, zoonosis and crop and soil health. Your research will be based on geoinformation science and you will apply and further develop methods in geohealth, focusing on diseases, hospitals and health programmes in a sustainable environment. You are able to discuss and find solutions for information acquisition and quality analysis emerging within ITC's research and consulting projects. You will actively contribute to proposal writing for Dutch and European research programmes. You will supervise MSc and PhD students and participate in research and education activities with ITC's partner institutes abroad. An important component of the position is to support the development of an MSc programme in health geographics together...
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Lecturer Applied Mathematics
The department of Applied Mathematics (AM) is part of the faculty Electrical Engineering Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS) and is responsible for the BSc and MSc programmes in Applied Mathematics and all service teaching in mathematics at the UT. Our mission is to guide students in their development as an academic and towards the choice for a subsequent MSc programme and thus prepare them for an international career. A major task is the service teaching: the department teaches almost all mathematics courses university wide. The department actively participates in and contributes to the Dutch Master Programme in Mathematics (MasterMath) and in several local and national graduate programs. The ambition of the department is to attract students from all over the globe and to create a truly international education environment for students and staff. The language of tuition is English and intercultural competence forms an explicit part of the curriculum and of the final...
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