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vrijdag 13 december 2019

Vacature Dean Engineering Technology (ET)

Dean Engineering Technology (ET)
ET is looking forward to appointing a new Dean with a vision for engineering technology and the ability to translate this vision into a strategy, in order to shape the Faculty of the Future. In particular, the Dean will be a collaborative leader who shows ingenuity in facing future challenges for the Faculty and giving a boost to the new UT Vision 2030. Together with the faculty board of the university, and in consultation with the executive board, the new Dean will lead the faculty and safeguard the quality of its education and research. The successful candidate will: stimulate an environment that fosters continuous development of the cutting-edge Engineering Science domains of the faculty and in which scientists - individually as well as in teams - will excel in order to keep ET at the forefront of the engineering technology agenda; maintain high standards in education (BSc, MSc, PDEng, PhD, lifelong learning); stimulate alignment between the different faculties, institutes, and...
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PhD Transferability of multi-temporal remote sensing for agriculture monitoring
With the current availability of multiple Earth Observation satellites, the access to multi-temporal remote sensing images at high spatial and spectral resolution has greatly improved. In addition to advances in the technology used for remote sensing data collection, there have been important scientific and methodological developments to convert the vast quantities of multi-temporal remote sensing data into useful information. Most developments have been based on supervised machine learning that rely on training samples. Mainstream supervised machine learning methods, i.e. deep learning, Random Forest, Dynamic Time Warping, work efficiently when applied on a user-defined study area, but they fail when transferred to other geographic areas and/or across different time periods. This happens because (1) the target classes are highly variable and usually embedded in a heterogeneous and complex natural or anthropogenic landscape, (2) insufficient training samples are available to...
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PDeng Development of a novel thermal collector for direct solar absorption
Efficient conversion of sunlight into useful heat is globally of high interest. Conversion of solar energy into the thermal energy can be done via solar thermal collectors. Solar thermal collectors should be always coupled to storage systems to overcome the intermittent nature of solar energy and supply the energy demand. In this research, we are going to develop a new class of solar collectors in which conversion and storage occur in one single unit. This means the solar collector directly absorbs the solar radiation and stores it in form of thermal energy. You will focus on the designing and the development of the collector and testing in the lab. You will work in the Thermal Engineering group and Inorganic Materials Science group at the University of Twente.
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