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vrijdag 20 december 2019

Vacature PhD position on model driven systems integration

PhD position on model driven systems integration
The prime objective for this project is building an integration framework for the railway system. As a researcher, you need to conduct scientific research on integration beyond the combination of system elements. The focus is on challenges for design, operation, and management of interorganizational systems. Within this project, you will have the opportunity to participate in the development of the integration platform which is able to properly store, effectively share, and optimally use the available knowledge for decision-making purposes. With the support of industrial partners, you deal with real challenges in the complex, dynamic, and multi partner environment of the rail sector, and you will be able to develop your model and continuously test it in the industrial context and improve the outcome. This project is the result of collaboration between University of Twente, ProRail, Netherlands Railways, and High Tech Materials and Systems (HTSM).  You will be able to present or...
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PhD position – Precision Engineering
The Precision Engineering Laboratory in the Department of Mechanics of Solids, Surfaces and Systems (Faculty of Engineering Technology) at the University of Twente, The Netherlands has an opening for a PhD Candidate within the research area of Precision Engineering and Agro-Food Robotics. Research project description Effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability, hygiene, and the limited availability of skilled personnel due to unappealing working conditions are the drivers for replacing human labour by technology in agro-food production and processing. Robots and robotic grippers have entered this sector but the current robotic technology is not able to deal with the large variations in shape, size, and softness of agro-food products nor with the variation in environmental conditions and tasks that are typical for the agro-food chain. Therefore, a disruptive, novel approach is needed for flexible, fast and hygienic grippers We will address these challenges with flexure mechanism based...
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Two PhD positions on the ERC-funded project CAESAR: "integrating safety and cybersecurity through stochastic model checking"
The Formal Methods and Tools (FMT) research group has openings for two PhD students. You will be working on the ERC-funded project CAESAR: integrating safety and cybersecurity through stochastic model checking.  The main objective of CAESAR is to marry the historically separated fields of safety (no disruption due to unintended failures) and security (no malicious attacks). Despite their historic separation, safety and security are heavily intertwined. A simple example: locking your door at night, is great for security against burglars, but bad for safety in case of fire.  The goal of the CAESAR project is to develop an effective framework for the joint analysis of safety and security risks. In this way, safety-security decision making will become more accountable, i.e., more systematic, transparent and quantitative.  The core scientific objectives are concerned with integral safety-security modelling; analysis via stochastic model checking; and risk quantification under...
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