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donderdag 9 januari 2020

Vacature Education Officer (fulltime)

Education Officer (fulltime)
University College Twente (est. 2013) is the international Honours College of the University of Twente. Its Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences programme (ATLAS), aims to educate a new kind of engineer. An engineer that can work on modern engineering solutions that require not only technical but also social perspectives and understanding. In order to educate such engineers, ATLAS has chosen a bold approach to teaching and learning by putting the student in the lead, and the individual academic development of students at the heart of the curriculum. Self-directed learning, Integration, Excellence, Community and Trailblazing are the core-values that ATLAS lives by and that create the distinctive and much-valued learning and teaching experience. Together, they support not so much a curriculum or a programme, but rather a distinctive learning and teaching experience. A learning experience that is focused on understanding, and a teaching experience that puts students in the lead of...
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PhD Research position Thin Film Physics of XUV Optics
Are you interested in conducting advanced thin film physics research on a most exciting application? We are looking for motivated and skilled PhD and post-doctoral researchers to work on the physics of XUV optics. These optics basically consist of optical stacks of films of nanoscale thickness and come in reflective and transmissive types. The physics and chemistry of these thin film systems need to be controlled with atomic precision. The aim of our research group is to develop the physics solutions for these tasks, such that new applications can be realized. These range from multi-layered optics engineered to show near-theoretical XUV reflectivity, to highly transparent, few tens of nanometer thin membranes which are robust enough to withstand high XUV power levels. These processes require new types of diagnostics with adequate resolution to film thickness and high sensitivity to chemical state. The XUV Optics Group at Twente has started a new multidisciplinary research programme...
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PhD Research positions "Thin-film physics of radiation-hard membranes"
Are you interested in research on free-standing thin films of only few tens of nanometer thickness, which still need to be fully radiation-hard? Challenge We are looking for a motivated and skilled PhD researcher to work on the physical and chemical processes of such films. These transparent membranes are used as protective "pellicles" in EUV photolithography, where they are placed just above the sensitive photomask to prevent photomask contamination by particles. The membranes need to resist not only thermo-mechanical stresses, but also surface degradation by photon induced chemical reactions, bombardment by low energetic ions, and chemical etching by radicals. The aim of the project is to develop fundamental knowledge on the film degradation mechanisms and find materials and processes that can mediate the pellicle damage.  The PhD research will focus on experiments that isolate specific damage mechanisms, such as low energy ion bombardment, and investigate the relation between...
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