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zaterdag 1 augustus 2020

Vacature 3 PhD positions “Integrated Photonics”

3 PhD positions "Integrated Photonics"
We are looking for 3 PhD students who carry out technological and fundamental research on hybrid integrated semiconductor lasers and nonlinear optical conversion using integrated photonic circuits. The PhD students will work towards three directions: Hybrid integrated, single-frequency semiconductor lasers to reach the blue spectral range, providing tunability and record-narrow linewidth Hybrid integrated mode-locked semiconductor lasers that provide frequency combs with ultra-low jitter Supercontinuum generation and micro-resonator Kerr frequency combs for novel approaches in dual-comb imaging The projects will extend our internationally leading position in the fields of chip-sized diode lasers with record- narrow Townes-Schawlow linewidth (DOI 10.1364/OE.398906), the realization of hybrid-integrated diode laser in the visible (DOI 10.1117/12.2565028), and of chip-based comb generation with record wide spectral coverage (DOI 10.1364/OE.23.019596). The research projects comprise...
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Assistant Professor (f/m) in Clinical Neurophysiology
Within the faculty of Science and Technology (TNW) the Department of Clinical Neurophysiology (CNPH) has a vacancy for an Assistant Professor (f/m) with a strong interest in teaching and complementary research. Research in the Clinical Neurophysiology group is at the interface of neuroscience, neurophysiology and clinical neurology, focusing on cerebral ischemia and epilepsy. Our teaching is primarily for bachelor and master students Technical Medicine and Biomedical Engineering. We focus on treating essentials from physics, mathematics, computational modeling and signal processing to further understanding of medical (patho-)physiology within the clinical neuroscience domain. We seek for the most talented individual to expand our current strengths in teaching and research. The candidate should have an appropriate background (e.g. technical medicine, applied physics, biomedical engineering) with a strong interest in teaching and translational research in clinical neurophysiology, and...
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2 PhD positions in Rigorous Analysis of Local Search
2 PhD positions in Rigorous Analysis of Local Search Two PhD Position at University of Twente (UT) and Maastricht University (UM) are available within an NWO project on probabilistic analysis of algorithms, called "Rigorous Analysis of Local Search". The positions are at the group Discrete Mathematics and Mathematical Programming (DMMP) of UT and at the Operations Research group of the Quantitative Economics department of MU. DMMP currently consists of 12 faculty members. The Department of Quantitative Economics of UM consists of over 20 faculty members, of which 6 are part of the Operations Research group. About the project Large-scale optimization problems appear in many areas, ranging from engineering over scheduling to the sciences. Unfortunately, for many optimization problems it is unlikely that we can find optimal solutions efficiently. Still, in practice often quite simple local search heuristics succeed in finding close-to-optimal solutions surprisingly quickly. As this is...
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